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R3 Magtronic Laser Alignment System Front

The Kelgate R3 Front Laser System calculates Toe and Camber with one simple measurement. The pair of lasers mount magnetically on the stub axles and provide immediate Toe and Camber readings once the steering is centralized. R3 is Fastech's preferred laser alignment tool! ADDITIONAL features over competitor: Low/High power level adjustment with auto shut-off, high quality CNC'ed alumimum and has the capability to easily recalibrate if lasers are out of spec.

Qty (3 available)
R3 Magtronic Laser Alignment System Front/Rear Combo

Combo deal for front and rear laser tools. R3 is Fastech's preferred laser alignment tool! ADDITIONAL features over competitor: Low/High power level adjustment with auto shut-off, high quality CNC'ed alumimum and has the capability to easily recalibrate if lasers are out of spec.

Market price: $685.00 save 10%
Qty (1 available)
R3 Magtronic Master Kit Laser System

The R3 Magtronic master kit is the ultimate laser alignment kit for any Karter! The Kit contains the following: •Set of Magtronic Front Lasers. •Set of Magtronic Rear Lasers. •Chain Wheel Alignment Laser ( for 4mm Sprocket). •Set of Caster Alignment gauges. •Spirit Level. •Steering wheel restraint. And of course R3 Racings easy to use manual plus unrivalled build quality.

Qty (1 available)
Radiator Hose - 5/8" Straight
SKU: ID653

5/8" High quality Gates radiator hose. Fits most radiators, i.e. Champion, SKM, Leopards, Righetti Ridolfi, etc. Priced per foot.

Qty (23 available)
Ratio-Rite Lid
SKU: SKU11517

Keep the dust out with the Ratio-Rite Lid.

Qty (7 available)
Ratio-Rite Measuring Cup
SKU: SKU1065
Getting the right oil-to-gas ratio is no problem with this tough polypropylene cup. Just fill the cup with oil to the ratio level desired, and mix with gasoline. Ratios from 16:1 to 50:1. Graduated in ounces and CCs for filling chain cases, etc. 18-ounce capacity.
Qty (5 available)
Rebuild Kit for Righetti Ridolfi Master Cylinder, K299
SKU: K299
OEM rebuild kit for Righetti master cylinder. Includes seals, piston, spring and cap.
Qty (10 available)
Redline 2-Cycle Racing Oil Premix - 16_oz
SKU: SKU17328
This product is very popular in kart racing for its low friction, clean-burning characteristics, lack of engine wear, and ease of tuning. Due to its efficient nature, racers sometimes choose to use less oil in their fuel mixtures than with other products.

Qty (5 available)
Redline Universal Super Trick Funnel
SKU: SKU2163

Oddly shaped funnel allows pouring of oil or coolant around bodywork to reach hard to get to filler openings. Pours in both vertical and horizontal positions or any angle in between.

Qty (2 available)
Redline Water Wetter
SKU: red1
WaterWetter® Supercoolant is a unique wetting agent for cooling systems which reduces coolant temperatures by as much as 30°F. This liquid product can be used to provide rust and corrosion protection in plain water for racing engines, which provides much better heat transfer properties than glycol-based antifreeze. Or it can be added to new or used antifreeze to improve the heat transfer of ethylene and propylene glycol systems. Designed for modern aluminum, cast iron, copper, brass, and bronze systems.
Qty (3 available)
SKU: W10247/1RVZ


Qty (1 available)
SKU: W10351/1RVX
Qty (8 available)
SKU: W10221/MRVZ

Vortex carbon fiber reed. Carbon reeds vary slightly in thickness, about 0.33-0.36mm thick. Check rules for legality. Sold individually.

Qty (18 available)
SKU: W10221/1

OEM reed, 0.40mm thick, check rules for legality. Sold individually.

Qty (17 available)
REED SCREWS M3x5 (8-pack)
SKU: W380x8

8 screws included.

Qty (4 available)
SKU: W10216
Sold individually.
Qty (8 available)
Regina EXTRA #35 Chain - 104 Link

Top of the line #35 racing chain. Made in Italy.

Qty (6 available)
Regina Professional #428 Chain - 60L

#428 60 links. Package may be labeled, "Professional Cross Supermotard", same as standard Professional.

Qty (11 available)
Regina REINFORCED #428 Master Link
SKU: ID9431
Master for REINFORCED Regina #428.
Qty (12 available)
Replacement Black Cap for Righetti / KG Catch Bottle
SKU: SKU18933
Sold individually.
Qty (22 available)
Replacement Black Nylon Tip for Teamlift (Sold Individually)
SKU: SKU6361123
Qty (4 available)
Replacement O-ring Set for New-Line Curtain (2 included)
SKU: N-L171
Replacement o-rings for Newline radiator curtains. 2 included.
Qty (5 available)
Replacement O-rings for CR125 Power Valve Plugs - SOLD INDIVIDUALLY
SKU: SKU17143

Sold individually.

Qty (96 available)
Replacement Pin for FTP Tire Tool
SKU: SKU7033813

Fits both 5" & 6" disc.

Qty (6 available)
Replacement Plastic Disc for FTP Tire Tool
SKU: SKU7033811

Replacement disc available in 5" and 6" diameter.

Qty (6 available)
Replacement Plastic Guides for FTP Tire Tool (2-piece)
SKU: SKU70338

Replacement plastic guides for FTP tire tool. No hardware included. 

Qty (14 available)
Replacement Push Pin for WK #428 Chain Breaker
SKU: MEK4281
Replacement push pin for Wildkart #428 breakers.
Qty (6 available)
Replacement Starter O-Ring X30
SKU: SKU3217
Oring for Starter Shaft
Qty (999 available)
Replacement Tip for AMC Brake Bleeder
SKU: SKU378041
Replacement 10mm tip for AMC gravity brake bleeders.
Qty (2 available)
Replacement Tool Guide for Semel Baby-E Tire Changer

Replacement guide for Semel Baby-E machines.

Qty (9 available)