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Banjo Style Brake Line, 45mm
SKU: SKU66822

Jumper brake line, 45mm overall length, for brakes that use Banjo hardware. Measured overall length, end to end.

Market price: $18.00 save 30%
Qty (1 available)
Battery Strap - X30, KA100, Leopard
SKU: IA-A60904A

Holds Battery in Battery Box

Qty (18 available)
Bead Lock O-rings (12 pack) - Douglas
SKU: SKU2473
Fits beadlocks used on Douglas made wheels, including the new style CRG wheels. 0.070" wide.
Qty (32 available)
Bead Lock O-rings (12 pack) - Standard Size
SKU: SKU37374
Fits most 5mm beadlocks, including OTK, Tony, Freeline, Birel, ART, etc. except Douglas. 2.4mm thickness.
Qty (41 available)
Beadlock Block-Off w/ O-rings (12 pack) - Black
SKU: SKU26281

Simple solution to blocking off the beadlock holes if they are not required. 6mm thread length from bottom of head to end of threads, about 4mm from under uncompressed o-ring to end of threads.

Qty (16 available)
Beadlock Block-Off w/ O-rings (12 pack) - Silver
SKU: SKU2628

Simple solution to blocking off the beadlock holes if they are not required. 3.5mm thread length from bottom of head to end of threads.

Qty (6 available)
BEHR Replacement Thermostat Core - 45 Celcius (113 F)
SKU: SKU8404

Stock replacement core for the Wildkart and IAME thermostats. 45 Celcius (113 F)

Qty (1 available)
SKU: W10170/ROK
Qty (20 available)
SKU: W10178/RKF


Qty (20 available)


Qty (15 available)
SKU: 232275
needle bearing for bendix.
Qty (7 available)
Bengio AB7 Karting Rib & Chest Protector, (FIA APPROVED!)
SKU: BengioAB7-

Bengio's rib protector technology has evolved with the AB7, making it the first rib protector in the Bengio family to be homologated with the FIA 8870-2018 standard. The layout of the AB7 provides a better fitting in the driving position with the elastic shoulder straps allowing for a wide range of adjustability for any body structures. The internal padding is made from high shock absorbent foam that allows the dispersion of impact energy and vibrations reducing fatigue and risk of injury.

Qty (19 available)
Bengio Bumper Standard Karting Rib Protector
SKU: BengioRibPro-

Developed with input from World champion kart racers, Bengio Bumper Rib Protectors are hand crafted in in Italy to produce a high quality product which is comfortable to wear and offers high levels of protection.The Bumper Standard Rib Protector is manufactured from multi layers of fibreglass which are dipped in a special resin putty. The result is a stiff, reactive and resilient material which prevents splintering and has high puncture resistance. The padding in the bumper standard is designed to reduce the effects of impacts on the rib area but it also reduces vibration transmitted from the seat. This can reduce fatigue and improve driver concentration.

Qty (30 available)
Bengio Rib Seat Padding - Black

Ergonomic pads made with high shock-absorbency foam. The pads have two different foam thickness with high quality back self adhesive velcro. 8mm thick, 2-pads included.

Qty (7 available)
Bengio Seat Padding Kit (5-piece)

Ergonomic pads made with high shock-absorbency foam with high quality back self adhesive velcro. 8mm thick, 5-pads included for ribs, hips and back.

Qty (8 available)
Benik Missle Parolin Kart Cadet Karting Brake Pads, Sinter 5072.S (10mm)
SKU: 5072.S10

These are a set of 222 Red Race compound pads for the Benik Missle Cadet kart . Parolin caliper. Direct replacement with more performance than stock. Sold as a set of 2. Used by champions in SKUSA , Rotax, FWT, IKF, USPKS, WKA, IKF, etc.

Qty (15 available)
Benol 2-Cycle Racing Castor Oil (32oz)
SKU: SKU79735

•Blend of degummed castors
•Ounce for ounce, the toughest lubricant made
•Blends with gasoline or methanol
•Contains Klotz Red for visual identification
•Distinctive racing bean-oil odor
•Not recommended for extreme cold
•API S.A.; intended for racing engines only
•Made in the U.S.A.
Market price: $13.50 save 20%
Qty (6 available)
Bergfelt Racing Tubular Extended Rear Bumper - 53" Overall
SKU: SKU27691
Ideal for Road Racing. Less aerodynamic drag compared to plastic CIK bumpers. Bergfelt's Bumpers are made from quality 3/4" od, mild steel tubing and are MIG welded. We use mild steel because the bumper should bend in a hard collision. As the bumper bends, it absorbs the shock protecting the driver and the chassis. The bumpers are supplied unfinished, i.e. they are not chrome plated or painted. We leave that up to the customer. Select between 610mm and 620mm (CRG karts) Center to Center frame spacing. Requires 20mm bushings.
Qty (10 available)
Big End Cage Bearing MY09 Leopard
SKU: X30125431

(38) X30125431 Big End Cage Bearing MY09 Leopard

Qty (6 available)
Big Gun Exhaust Spring
SKU: SKU469621111

High quality stainless steel, swiveled ends, rubber isolated to keep springs from vibrating and breaking from fatigue. Fatigue from vibration is the main cause is spring failure. Measured on the inside of the hook, un-stretched. Sold individually.

Qty (23 available)
Bike-Master Float Level Gauge
SKU: PP2699
Qty (3 available)
Bike-Master Ratio Measuring Cup with Lid
SKU: SKU70688

•Make sure it's right every time •Made from tough, flexible materials •Includes a lid to keep dust and dirt out •More stable when filled with oil •Ratios from 8:1 all the way to 70:1 •Shows as percentage of mix •Graduations in gallons, fluid ounces, liters, and milliliters

Qty (10 available)
BikeMaster Battery Charger/Maintainer (Lithium)
SKU: 150906

If you have a Lithium battery, don't damage it by charging it with the wrong type of charger. This charger has been designed to keep your BikeMaster Lithium-Ion batteries fully charged. Manufactured with over 11 ft. of reach, the BikeMaster Lithium-Ion Battery Charger/Maintainer is fully automatic with built-in circuit protection to keep from overcharging, short circuiting or reversing polarity. It features easy-to-read LED lights that indicate when power is on, charge in process, reverse polarity and fully charged. The charger/maintainer comes with a five-year manufacturer's warranty. Input: AC 120-Volts, 60Hz Output: DC 12-Volts, 2-Amps. SAE quick disconnect with large alligator style clips and ring terminals for charger hook up. High-quality, shock-resistant ABS construction.

Qty (4 available)
BikeMaster Battery Charger/Maintainer - 750mA (Lead Acid)
SKU: 150907

Keep all of your 12-Volt lead acid batteries charged and running with this 750mA Battery Charger/Maintainer. The BikeMaster Charger/Maintainer 750mA is perfect for keeping all of your 12-Volt lead acid batteries in top condition, including conventional acid batteries (wet), factory activated maintenance-free batteries (FA), absorbed glass mat maintenance-free batteries (AGM) and gel batteries (gel electrolyte). The charger is fully automatic with reverse polarity, overcharge and short circuit protection. It will bulk charge at a constant 750mA rated current output until the battery is fully charged (13.6-Volts +/-0.2-Volts) and then the charger automatically switches to maintenance mode. When in maintenance mode, the battery is constantly monitored. If the battery voltage falls below 12.8-Volts +/-0.2-Volts, the bulk charge mode will restart to charge the battery at a constant 750mA until fully charged, then the charger automatically switches back to maintenance mode, which repeats indefinitely allowing the charger to stay connected worry free. The charger/maintainer comes with a five-year manufacturer's warranty. Red LED light indicates when charging; green indicates when fully charged. Sleek, durable composite housing for long service life. Includes color-coded alligator clip leads and color-coded fuse-protected quick disconnect battery terminal leads for your safety.

Qty (4 available)
BikeMaster Lithium Lightweight TAG Battery - 1.5lbs!

Slightly smaller than standard TaG batteries, 12V, 9_Ah. Foam padding included to fill the space. Features integrated digital Volt meter. Second generation lithium-ion battery delivers a heavyweight punch in a featherweight package. By combining the latest in lithium iron phosphate (LiFeP04) cell technology and an onboard cell management system, the BikeMaster Lithium-Ion 2.0 Batteries provide unprecedented power and safety. 134mm-L x 65mm-W x 92mm-H

Qty (2 available)
BikeMaster Safety Wire Pliers (6.5")
SKU: 151554

Works wire like magic. Forged-steel pliers, shot-peened and ground clamping surfaces, these pliers feature a heavy-duty spring and chromed retainer slide. It offers the user multiple uses: ball bearing puller, quick-twist helix and superior clamping. Candy apple red finish for a great rust-resistant look. Comes complete with 25 ft. of wire. Manufacturer's lifetime warranty.

Qty (1 available)
BikeMaster Sliding ALLEN T-Handle
SKU: SKU561111
•Perfect for when you need more leverage than a standard hex wrench, or space is limited and you can't get a good swing on a standard wrench
•Made from high-quality tool steel
•Spring and ball detent to secure the Sliding T
•Available in 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm
•Manufacturer's lifetime warranty

Qty (20 available)
BikeMaster Universal Piston Pin Puller
SKU: BM152156
  • Universal piston pin puller
  • Aids in removing piston pins without damaging the piston
  • Chrome plated knurled body with black heat treaded steel rod & pullers
  • Fits 12-19mm piston pins.
  • Works with Honda CR80, CR125, TM ICC, Leopards, Rotax Max, etc.
Qty (2 available)
Billet Aluminum Briggs LO206 Oil Fill Cap
SKU: PP100

Aftermarket Billet Aluminum Oil Fill Plug for the Briggs Animal and LO206.  The slotted head makes it easier to remove and tighten the plug with a standard screwdriver. 

Qty (22 available)
Birel (B-132x2 AM29) - 13mm Pads - Sinter RED - REAR
SKU: ID7041

2-pads, enough for 1 caliper.

Qty (8 available)