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PCI Compliance

As most of you know, we have always strived to offer the lowest shipping prices, using flat rate, cut down boxes, etc. to reduce shipping cost. New PCI compliance makes it INCREDIBLY difficult to do that. To continue offering the lowest shipping prices, the packaging needs to be “hand” selected to determine the best size for the cheapest shipping, i.e. US Postal Small/Med/Large Flat Rate boxes, cut-down UPS boxes to reduce “dimensional weight”, etc. Otherwise, if a shipping “estimator” is used, it will be purely based on weight and not able to calculate what will fit in flat rate boxes, etc. costing MUCH MORE in shipping.

For the last 18+ years, we have always simply ADDED the shipping charge to the total. We could no longer do that. To save us ALL time (Fastech and customer), we ADD a “PRE-AUTHORIZED” surcharge that allows us to capture no more than the surcharge amount for shipping charges.

PRE-Authorize Shipping "UP TO" $35
$35 surcharge is ONLY a “PRE-AUTHORIZATION”. RECOMMENDED for smaller packages, to receive best shipping rates and immediate shipment. If quote is needed before charging, please note in the comment box. Approximate pricing: USPS Small Box $9, Med Box $16, Large Box $19. If shipping is more for larger items, we will send a separate payment link to charge for the difference if required. Free shipping on small orders over $200 (up to Med USPS Box). When in doubt, select the higher PRE-authorization. AGAIN, we ONLY TAKE as needed. Otherwise, there will be delays to get additional payment.

If a shipping quote is required, please note in the comment box at checkout. AGAIN, this is a PRE-AUTHORIZATION, so NOTHING is charged.

YES, we realize this is confusing but we are doing our damndest to deal with PCI compliance without affecting the YOUR shipping cost. It's very much a PITA on our end but we our doing everything to save YOU on the shipping. Hope you all understand and sorry for the inconvenience and confusion!