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Your Chassis Track Book
Your Chassis Track Book
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An incredibly easy to understand chassis tuning guide. A definate MUST HAVE, especially for the newbie that's trying to figure out how a kart handles.
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The Lil' Green Book of Karting - (Available from Amazon)
The Lil' Green Book of Karting - (Available from Amazon)

AVAILABLE FROM  AMAZON. The Lil' Green Book of Karting came about from my need to understand how to effectively set up a Kart chassis (either a rear brake only or front and rear brake shifter chassis). Being new to the sport, the need for understanding both these types of chassis led to extensive research. Information sources ranged from anecdotal information to academic papers that describe vehicle tire-grip performance under load. My background in physics and reliability maintenance helped me understand Kart performance theory, and I wanted to share this understanding with other Karters.

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