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Dupont White Lithium Grease - Aerosol
Dupont White Lithium Grease - Aerosol

Excellent for lubing wheel, axle and clutch bearings. Spays thin and tacks up in minutes. Easily grease axle bearrings by spraying between the inner race and shield or drill a small hole in the shield for a straight shot. Easily lube clutch bearinsg with a quick shot between the external washer and sprocket, no need to remove clutch!

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SuperSpeed Bearing Lube (1oz)
SuperSpeed Bearing Lube (1oz)

After 2 years of experimenting with every lubricant and additive we could get our hands on, and consulting with leading lubrication and bearing engineers, we have formulated our own SuperSpeed™ Bearing Lube #32 (BL32) specifically for both ceramic hybrid and steel ball bearings used in the high speed, high stress environments of racing. 

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Tri-Flow Aerosol Lubricant - 12 oz
Tri-Flow Aerosol Lubricant - 12 oz
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This unique concentrated formula contains micron-sized particles of Teflon® to create a long-lasting film Reduces friction and wear Penetrates and lubricates any mechanism that’s difficult to operate due to wear or corrosion Provides protection from dirt and sand

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